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Construction Structural LVL,Formwork LVL,Formwork Timber

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1:Product Name:Construction Structural LVL,Formwork LVL,Formwork Timber

LVL is particularly well suited to the following applications

Rafters and joists

Lintels, beams and framing members

Truss chords

Portal frames



Scaffold planks


Panels of LVL are cut into structural members which have high strength and stiffness.

LVL is suited to structural applications such as beams, rafters and columns in a wide range of buildings including houses, commercial, industrial and rural structures.

Some special LVL has a small number of veneers laid perpendicularly (cross banded).

In commercial or industrial structures it is often used as a wood-based alternative to structural steel or reinforced concrete.

2:Hot Sale

1/ 5.9m (Length) x 47mm(Tickness) x 95mm(Width)

2/ 5.9m (Length) x 65mm (Tickness) x 95mm (Width)

3/ 5m (Length) x 42mm (Tickness) x 230mm (Width)

4/ 5m (Length) x 45mm (Tickness) x 240mm (Width)

3:Here are basic knowledge :

1/ Material: Poplar/Pine/Eucalyptus/Pine and Eucalyptus Combi Core.

2/ Adhesive: WBP

3/ Length: 3900/ 3980/ 4000/ 4880/5000/ 5300/ 6000mm

(all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)

4/ Width: 95/220/ 225/ 230/240mm (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)

5/ Thickness: 38/39/42/45/47mm (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)

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