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Canada Standard Mason Frame Scaffolding

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Product Name:Canada Standard Mason Frame Scaffolding

• Material:Q235 steel tube

• Standard: Canadian scaffoldings

• Regular Size: 5'x5'(1524x1524)

• MainTube: 1.69'' x0.095(42.7mmx2.4mm)

• Internal Tube: 1'' x0.071''(25.4mmx1.8mm)

• Locks:Canada locks(4pcs)

• Packing: Steel Pallet

• Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

Type Item No. Size Weight
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.56 5'x6',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 20.2kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.564 5'x6'4",main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 22.2kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.45 4'x5',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 17.2kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.55 5'x5',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 19.2kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.43 4'x3',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 12.3kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.44 4'x4',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 14.1kg
Mason Frame JSCA.MF.53 5'x3',main tube:1.69"x0.095";Internal tube:1"x0.071" 17.2kg


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