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Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Access Tower System

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Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Access Tower System

As you can see from the name, mobile scaffolding refers to a type of scaffolding system

that can easily move from one spot to another. It is designed to be mobile and portable.

The Aluminum mobile scaffold access tower system is set on castors or wheels to make it easy to move,

and is normally used for tasks such as plastering, changing light bulbs, painting and any other overhead work.

These tasks require workers to change their position quite often, and a standard scaffolding system

will be difficult to use in such a case. Mobile scaffolding system allows workers to perform their tasks easily.

Aluminum mobile towers are used extensively in the building and construction industry,

and provide both outdoor and indoor access solutions. Wherever a secure and stable working platform is required,

mobile scaffolds serve the purpose. They are light weight, and are perfect for installation work, maintenance projects,

or temporary access. A mobile access tower is extremely versatile that offers a strong and safe

working platform in a variety of situations, for a variety of heights.


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