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Electric Shaved Ice Machine,Ice Crusher

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Electric Shaved Ice Machine,Ice Crusher


1. The machine adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron and other materials to develop and become,

breakup and electric two functions, simple operation. Through the worm gear and worm drive,

and worm the bottom fixed plate fixed on the cutter disc rotating feed materials, and make the ice on the planing tool is made of ice floe.

2. Contact with the ice is not local, health and clean, without any side effects of the material, is the ideal equipment used by bar drinks store.

operating instructions:

1. Limit bolts loosen handwheel, to pull out the handwheel, make the handwheel cannot spins at work
2. Turn the crank. The spindle reaches the highest point and put ice on the cutter
3. Reverse rotating crank. Put down the main shaft. Make the pressure needle inserted into the ice
4. Start switch, work, work, after a program according to the above steps again after operation for a second job.

Power 180W
Volt 110/220V
G.N/W 42/40Kgs
Packing Size 52.5X33X68cm
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