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Olive,Sesame,Peanut Oil Processing Machine

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Olive,Sesame,Peanut Oil Processing Machine:JSOOM

JSOOM The machine major processing objects: olive, Sesame, peanut, rapeseed and other oil plants. Directly make the olive oil machines,

100% pure sesame oil, 5 minutes can be used to make people witness the production of sesame oil,  you do not need to add any accessories.

Especially suitable for families, small factories, shops.

1 Manual hydraulic pump , The people easy to use.

2 The non-powered automatic drop, an average of 8 seconds.

3: National quality standards for steel.

4: Overall height 70 cm, weight 160 kg and occupies an area of 0.2 sq m, electric heating (optional), put to 2.8 to 3 kgs each time.

This machine volume small,  manual operation, operation simple, a people operation, can in farmers market,and market use,also available motor

and agricultural motor with this machine using.

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